Music video: G-Dragon - Breathe

This is my favourite song off of G-Dragon's solo album. It should've been the lead single in my opinion, even though it is pretty generic as a song. I mean, c'mon: How many songs have you heard like this? I'm not feeling the video though. "Heartbreaker" was much better, and frankly G-Dragon's live performances of "Breathe" had more visual appeal and were more interesting to watch. He could have done such a hot video to this. Instead he just pinned up some white linen curtains and bed spreads, had him and some girl dance in-between them whilst one of his homies flashed a Playskool torch in their faces.

I find it disturbing how pretty G-Dragon looks in this video. He's working that hair and make up a little too well to the point where I think K-Pop chicks need to be hitting up his make-up squad.


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  1. I enjoyed the MV. It was like a continous of the next video, only better.
    And G-Dragon looked like he was having a lot of fun, wish I joined him. Then there was a sneak preview of 소년이여 (Boy) next, clever. And I loved the part with Ga Ho licking his face at the end.

    If I had control of G-Dragon’s schedule MV filming, I’d do Heartbreaker, 소년이여 then either Korean Dream/The Leaders.


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