Music video: Kumi Koda - Alive

Surely Kumi Koda was given better video treatments than this. What the hell did she find so enticing about being sat in some dirt, wearing a fancy dress costume in a forest, and standing in the middle of nowhere in a little black sparkly number as doo-doo grows around her?

A better video could have been done for this song. A ballad doesn't have to mean a boring video. Kumi usually comes with decent videos for her slower songs: going all movie like and shit. Not sure what happened here. I guess we'll have to look to "Physical thing" for the Kumi hotness and ho antics. She best turn it out. I'm talking weave, heels, them tacky Clarie's accessories nails and lots of shaking and opening of legs. It'd be just my luck that a Kumi Koda song I really, really like gets a rubbish music video.


  1. You can view the full Physical Thing PV here :-)

    Look at her trying to be all 'controversial' with the cigerette!

  2. I was hoping for Physical Thing PV, thanks lilthdarkstorm. I thought Alive was Physical Thing for a minute.


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