Music video: Whitney Houston - Million dollar bill

Whitney is looking pretty smokin' these days. I don't think she's ever looked as good as she does now! In a landscape where some chicks just refuse to age gracefully (I'm looking at you Mariah. And YOU Madonna. Damn, close yo' legs!) Whitney looks like pretty amazing. Cute video and a HOT song. It's a shame Alicia Keys (who wrote the song) didn't get to make an appearance. I would've loved to have seen her in this video, even if it were just a second.

"Million dollar bill" should've had a video and been plugged as a single much sooner. But it hasn't hurt her sales or popularity in anyway. Her album is tearing up the Billboard charts and Whitney fever seems to be at an all time high. Go Whitney! She needs to ease up on the jaw quivering though. I know it's her thing, but she needs to stop with it.


Tags: Alicia Keys, Million dollar bill, Swizz Beatz, Whitney Houston


  1. Bitch got broken jaw syndrome.

    But I love the song and she does look good.

    Like the new little tweaks you've made on the site J!


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