Namie premieres new songs "My love" & "Copy that" in new Vidal Sassoon CM's

Namie in 2 of Vidal Sassoon's 2009 commercials
Namie Amuro and Vidal Sassoon have teamed up once again to release a couple of hot commercials featuring Namie's hair looking unnaturally shiny and glossy to some hot new songs of hers.

Both songs sound hot to death!! I need to hear these in full like yesterday. "Copy that" has the most infectious hook I've heard from Namie since "Wowa". I love it stupidly based on just 60 seconds of it alone! Hopefully the full track won't disappoint. It'd have to go seriously wrong for the remaining 3 or so minutes for it to do so. "My love" sounds like another hot one. Dsign music who worked on the SNSDbots most recent smash hit "Tell me your wish (Genie)" also wrote a song for Namie Amuro, which they said would release sometime in October and November. I have no clue if either of these songs could be the one. But "My love" and "Copy that" sound like they could be the work of frequent Namie producers and songwriters Nao'ymt and T. Kura, with Michico on song writing duties. I'm just speculating. But what I do know for certain is that both songs are absolutely hot based on the snippets in these commercials.

It goes without saying (but I'mma say it anyway) Namie looks STUNNING in both commercials. She just gets hotter as she gets older. She puts most of these teens and chicks in their mid-twenties to absolute shame! I really do hope that if "My love" and "Copy that" get videos that they match the look of the Vidal Sassoon commercials. Namie did a really hot Vidal Sassoon commercial which included the song "Do me more" and a Coca Cola Zero commercial for "Wild". Both music video's had concepts that didn't even come close to the hotness of the commercials they featured in. I hope it's not the same this time around, because both commercials look like they could easily be spun into full length music videos. It's a shame Namie didn't do what she did for "Rock steady", "New look" and "What a feeling" and have Vidal Sassoon do and style the videos for her. I especially liked the space commercial. Namie looked like she'd been summoned for a battle in a Final Fantasy game.

Everything is pointing towards a new album from Namie dropping either later this year or early next. I cannot wait! I need my Namie fix. I've squeezed as much as I can out of her Play album and "Wild" has been rinsed like mouthwash on my iPod.


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  1. She's doing a lost of sci-fi PV's nowadays.

    After seeing Copy That, I have to say I would look more forward to seeing My Love PV actually. And Namie always looks stunning these days, I hope she NEVER cuts her hair.


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