Sugababes perform "Get sexy" on T4

This performance was dry. The girls sounded good, but were as interesting to watch as a pack of Skittles. The Sugababes don't have that energy which is necessary to give great performances of songs such as this. "Get sexy" needs some serious movement, bouncin' and shaking. But the girls barely moved at all. Amelle should have been having fits, Heidi should have been thrashing her rustled bird's nest of a hair-do and Keisha should have been dutty whining from stage left to stage right until she caught herself some whip lash.

The live performance of the song was whack, but the chart performance wasn't. "Get sexy" is currently #1 in the UK charts. Business as usual for the Sugababes.

Performances of songs from their 7th studio album: About a girl | Thank you for the heartbreak


  1. they arnt used to dance rutines but are getting into them slowly but surely so good on them :P
    good to have the uks biggest girlband of the 21st century back on top! (ware they belong) so f*** off girls aloud :P lmao! get sexy peeps!


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