Whitney fails on Good morning America

Whitney croaked her way through a couple of her songs at Good morning America. Let this be a lesson to aspiring singers: Crack is whack and will end your career unless you're so big by the time your voice f**ks up that you can wing shitty performances. Let's peep the Shitney.

What do you call a bottle of coke left open for days? Whitney. Why? Because shit used to pop, but now is flat. Bad joke, I know. But not as bad as Whitney sounded in this performance. It was awful. She sounded like Tracy Chapman with swine flu and a d**k in her mouth. "I look to you" sounds pretty bad on the album, and that's with the luxury of pro-tools, auto tune, multiple takes, lighting candles, drinking honey 'n lemon and whatever a chick has to do to sound right. But live, it sounded horrendous. I couldn't even watch the whole thing because I was cringing the whole entire time. "Million dollar bill" was better, but only because she barely sang. You can catch the live instrumental of it after the jump.

Whitney looked hot. I've never found Whitney hot before, but she looked hot in these performances. Especially in "Million dollar bill". That's the only real compliment I can give. Because the vocals were super crusty. And these performances are the edited ones. Yes, EDITED! The performances were pre-recorded and then edited. You can clearly hear where certain parts of the song was replaced by a playback. YouTube and thou shall find fan cam videos of Whitney fully live, un-edited Super crusty II turbo.


  1. "Bout to lose my breath..."

    She wasn't playin' with that line.

    It was pretty terrible. I thought at first it was just because she was emotional, but that wasn't the case.


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