Music video: The Black eyed peas - Meet me halfway

A great video for a great song. The video captures the song brilliantly and also channels the same spaced out 80's vibe the song has. Fergie looks pretty amazing in this video too. Who knew she had it in her to look this good! Her scenes reminded me of those out of Kumi Koda's "Alive". Same siren beauty in a garden shit, with particles of light floating around and all that crap.

"Meet me halfway" is my favourite song off of The E.N.D and one of my favourite B.E.P songs period. So I hope they get big success with it. They put the song out in the run up to the album release before "Boom Boom Pow" was officially release, so the song is kinda old now. Hopefully this won't scupper it's chances of success. Because I think it really is a great song that I think a lot of non BEP fans will latch onto.


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