Music video: BoA featuring Verbal of M-Flo - Bump bump!

Why couldn't have BoA have dropped something like this for her US debut single!? The song is hot, funky, cool and BoA's image in the video is damn near perfect! Looks like BoA got herself a hair cut too and it really suits her. BoA's so damn hot 'n pretty that it'd take some ragged ass hair cut for her to look really bad. BoA's look in this video is really hot. I can't say the same for Verbal. He looks a fool, but I guess it's his thing. I'm never shocked by how much of a child like mess he looks in music videos. He looks like a cast of The nutcracker, a hotel bell boy and a Toblerone bar all gang raped him and left traces of themselves behind and all over his body. Pure mess.

"Bump bump bump" isn't a great song. The horns sound a little like Namie Amuro's "Can't eat, can't sleep, I'm sick", which in turn was a blatant bite of Jennifer Lopez's "Get right". But the song is good and one of the more decent Japanese releases I've heard from BoA in a good while.


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