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Utada's 2010 'In the flesh' tour [poster created by Random J]
Hikaru fans should already know by now that Hikaru Utada is embarking on a little tour at the start of next year...OUTSIDE OF JAPAN BITCHES!! Hikaru Utada's In the flesh tour will have her hitting up stages in North America, and surprisingly a gig in London!

All my friends know that I love Hikaru Utada a little too much. So I was receiving so many texts from friends a couple of days ago wandering if I knew about this gig. To which I texted back "Of course I knew! You should know 'bout me :D"

To all the North American stationed Hikki fans: you can still cop your tickets, as many are still available as I post this, and some of the dates haven't even gone on sale yet. To UK fans who have yet to buy themselves a ticket: tough doo-doo. The London gig has already sold just one day. I had a feeling it would. Underestimating Hikaru's fan base in the UK was a grave mistake to make where complacency was concerned. One of my friends from Uni is also going, and she said plain and simple "When will you get the chance to see a famous Japanese artist in London!?" And I'm sure many who weren't fans, yet had heard of Hikaru Utada, like Japanese culture and are up for a gig would have thought the same thing and copped a ticket. I'm just glad I got mine. Roll on February 12!!

For all the Hikki fans in the US: Cop your tickets!

If you're one of the unlucky bitches in the UK who failed to get a ticket, pray real hard and go buy a copy of This is the one and the Japanese edition of Exodus, then perhaps Hikaru's people will add another London date, or some tickets may show up. The lesson to be learnt here? Act quick and never underestimate an artists fan base. Even one who is Japanese and has yet to release any music in the UK.

I just hope Hikaru doesn't get addicted to painkillers and sips on Demerol as a night cap leading up to the gig.

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  1. I got into work early so that I could buy tickets as soon as 9am struck; my fiance was originally going to buy them after work (he doesn't finish till 6pm). I didn't take the chance and bought them for myself. I'm so glad I did! But my friend (who I did text to warn her) lost out, so I'm hoping on her behalf that Utada'll add an extra UK date.

    But I am surprised that they did sell so quickly, considering that her second english album is not out in the UK yet and she's only had 1 single here, with no promotion.

    I'll be seeing you on Feb 12th :D

    Btw; have you heard the news regarding the English theme song for Final Fantasy XIII?

  2. It's a nice song, but Leona does NOT fit in with FF at all! Maybe the song will, but I just can't see it.

    HUGE congrats on getting the tickets J! I know you must be screaming on the inside! :D

  3. @ Random J
    There there, *hug* I feel your pain


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