Music video: 2PM - Heartbeat

What bet did Nickhun and Junsu lose for them to be made to sport such hairstyles!? That shit was just wrong. The tension in this video was killed every time one of them dropped their heads down and them ponytails came into clear view.

It's good to see another music video from the 're-born' 2PM. But found it to be pretty boring. None of the members really stood out. The dance routines looked like some cheerleader bullshit from a Bring it on movie. And the styling was iffy. The only part of the video that was spot on was the intro. Even though Chansung looks like somebody just cussed out his mother, Wooyoung has a face like somebody just pulled on his nipples, Junsu seems to be squeezing out a fart and Junho is trying to push out a shit - it was really cool, tense, dark and set the tone for the song and video perfectly. This along with scene of the boys all lying on a floor of rocks lifeless was great. Everything else was just 'Meh'. But the video along with the song features more than enough for netizens to speculate how shit links to Jaebeom.

I'm torn about the video. But there's no doubt about the song: it's a winner. The beat is hot, and the 808's on the chorus sold the song to me straight away. It was cool hearing Nickhun take on a rap. The part was probably intended for Jay. But given Nichkhun's the only other member in the group other than Taecyeon who can speak the English - he probably got the gig. His flow wasn't tight, but then again; neither is his singing voice. So go figure. The song is still hot though.

Supposed fans and stans will be sure to say how both the song and video were worse off without Jaebeom - but I do think so. Dude was not the be all and end all of 2PM. They managed to do a decent enough job without him, and props to them for doing so. Give the remaining members some damn credit!


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