Music video: Ayumi Hamasaki - You were...

Being an Ayumi Hamasaki fan must be both the best thing, and a real pain in the backside. She releases an album, then a double A-side featuring songs which did not feature on the album. Then another double A-side which again: features two songs which weren't on the last album. Then she drops a NEW album. And then the cycle continues in a perfect cycle which see's Ayumi topping Oricon charts and Yen rolling into her account: 10,000 Yen notes at a time.

"Sunrise ~Love is all~", "Sunset ~Love is all~ "You were..." and "Ballad" are all really good songs, that I think Next level could have done with. If all these songs feature on Ayumi's next studio album, then I can say now that it features 4 songs I already really like. Well... 2 if you wanna get fussy with "Sunrise ~Love is all~" and "Sunset ~Love is all~" essentially being one song. I'm wondering if she'll drop a new studio album of an A ballads 2...

"You were" features as the theme song to Disney's Japanese release of Tinker Bell and the lost treasure. Which kinda explains Ayumi Hamasaki's glowing dress and fairy like appearance. Although, it doesn't really explain anything at all. 'Cause chances are that she would have worn that shit anyway whether Disney hollered at her for the gig or not. 'Tis a nice video though. Even if it does look pretty low budget - just as "Sunrise ~Love is all" and "Sunset ~Love is all~" did. Could Ayumi be feeling the credit crunch?


  1. Your opening paragraph; I felt the same way when I found out that she released a double A side a month after her 'A All Singles Collection' - being a Ayumi fan must be damn expensive!

    I have to admit that since I started reading your blog I've got more into Ayumi's music, and this song is nice too!


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