Music video: Mariah Carey - H.A.T.E.U

I didn't think shit could get worse than Mariah's video for "I want to know what love is", but it just did. Chick gets some praise for her role in Precious, and then she thinks she can go and act up a storm in a music video. She needs to take her Louboutins and her two plus size bathing suits and sit down.

I don't understand why you'd pay a Hollywood director like Brett Ratner thousands (possibly millions) of dollars to shoot something that you could have shot yourself with a tripod. She could have rained a couple of dollars on her n***a Nick to have shot this for her, and saved her self some damn money. Not that she needs to. But she could have gone and bought herself a mini skirt or a designer top that's three sizes too small and don't fit her titties with the money she could have saved if she'd gone with a tripod or her husband.

This video sucked. I can't believe how Mariah went and gave one of her hottest songs such a bullshit video. I couldn't even watch the whole thing. I just shook my head and stopped watching mid-way through. Another decent Mariah album - screwed over and doomed to under perform because of bad single decisions, bad timing and shitty music videos.

Give it a read: Memoirs of an imperfect angel album review


  1. Come on wasn't as bad as "I want to know what love is". That video was beyond shit. This one was just shit, lol.

  2. tbh after "touch my body" which was good the videos and single choices have gone downhill :P
    all the singles on the emancipation were well planned and the videos had a story but these days its just random songs with vids of mariah rolling round all the time lol
    hope she sorts it out on the next album :P


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