Music video: Namie Amuro - Love game

A cool concept. But the lack of big, intricate choreography made the video feel a little dull. And Namie could have done with another look or two also. But on the whole this was an alright video. I prefer it over "Fast car", and the same goes for the song too. Namie was looking like a bad bitch with that bob and fur jacket. She reminded me of Anna Williams from Tekken, only sexier. Short hair really suits her! But I doubt she'd ever cut her hair that short. Vidal Sassoon probably won't let her. She should play around with the hair a little more though, just to keep things a little fresh and different. Why the hell not? Kumi Koda does so on a daily!

I'm still a little pissed that "Copy that" wasn't released as a single didn't get itself a music video - because the song is bananas and would have made such an amazing single. I'm always click wheeling straight to it in the car. The production is near flawless. And the energy of the song would have commanded such a fun and lively music video.


  1. I find that song rather monotonous.

  2. She looks a lot like Maki Goto with the short hair :)

    I wish that she would open her throat more when she goes to sing the backing part of the chorus, she always sounds like she's straining.

  3. i kinda like it - i think because everyone knows namie is a hardcore dancer everyone is expecting her to dance in every music video... i hope the last mv Defend Love is amazing hot


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