Usher's official Raymond vs. Raymond album cover

The offical 'Raymond vs. Raymond' album cover
Looks like Usher's trying to recapture that Confessions vibe. From the photography down to the font. I've not been crazy in love with the leaks I've heard so far. But I do have faith in Usher to deliver a decent album. It's not like it's impossible for him to. He just needs to focus on trying to make good music instead of trying to prove one thing or the other. Plus, he also needs to re-think hanging out his dirty drawers in public. For him to go and drop the song "Papers" was pretty low and un-necessary. Even more so when the song was so rubbish and nobody thought for a second that marriage would have lasted to begin with.

I wonder the album cover was unveiled now when the album doesn't drop until March?! Oh well! At least I can finally tag "Rockband" and "Stay down" with an official album art for my iPod.


  1. At least I'm not the only one who noticed this album's cover's ties to Confessions. And I hadn't even realized I could have added this cover art!


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