Music video: BoA featuring Daichi Miura - Possibility

The song reminds me of "Eien". And the whole vibe of it sounds more like Daichi Miura featuring BoA - as it's much more in his lane than BoA's. But I do like it. It's nice! And their voices go well together. The video could have done with a lil' more choreography. BoA can move, and Daichi can dance his arse off! You'd never know watching some of his music videos just how hard this dude can go with the steps. (Watch him tear the shit UP to some Chris Brown on an episode of Super Chample). But on the whole, I really liked the simplicity of this video.

BoA seems to be going with a less is more approach with this new album. From her choice of singles, to her dress style. It's probably because SM entertainment lost so much money on her US endeavours that they've had to cut back on poor BoA. But it's really working for in her favour. She looks amazing, the songs are good, and for the first time I feel like I am seeing some form of growth. It's a shame this approach wasn't taken with her US debut. "Possibility" would have made a really nice US single if it were done with fellow Korean star Se7en. Two birds, one stone and all that.

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  1. Nice video, I think it's very classy. She looks fantastic with short hair. I like the chemistry between them too. Unlike the video with Thelma A. and whatever his name is, they had zero chemistry.

  2. this is a great song i love it! im actually starting to like BoA's music more now and i'll probably buy "identity" since i like all the singles :P
    i think your right about her US album too, it seems to me like when asian artists try to crack the west they always kind of dum there music down (BoA, Utada etc) which is annoying because there are loads of people who already like theyre asian music and the style . . . like if utada went to the US with stuff like she did on ultra blue or heart station shed be huge because theres nothing like that over there but they try to "fit in" instead and make english R&B that isnt as good as the US or their original style :P
    haha i rambled on but do you know what i mean?


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