Music video: Super Junior - Sorry, sorry (Answer)

"Sorry, sorry (Answer)" had made it's way online a couple of months ago. But many were sceptical of how genuine it was given how the lead vocals didn't really sound like any member of Super Junior's at all. It was branded a fan made version, some remix cover from another group and that was that. Fast forward and it turns out it was Super Junior all along! I had no idea Yesung had it like that vocally. I know he had the range and the power, but didn't have the foggiest he could put that R&B stank on notes. He was killing every single line and note he was singing. Kyuhyun got relegated in this song big time. As cool as Yesung sounds, I'm not keen on this remix. The original was so awesome, that no spin they put on it can make it any better.

The video was 'Meh!'. It was like watching the intro to a porn movie. I see how Kang-in got edited right out of this video. I'm surprised they even let him appear in the final shot, and that they didn't put a black box over his face. They may as well have.

The fun other half: Super Junior's original "Sorry, sorry"
Give it a read: Sorry, sorry album review


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