Sugababes 4.0's "Wear my kiss" music video preview

The 4.0's are set to release their delayed studio album Sweet 7 in February, and have the single "Wear my kiss" to precede it. T4 gave fans a sneak peak preview of the music video, and it looks like shit.

This video looks cheaper than Mutya. I hate it. I know it's just a preview, but let's be real: the final video probably isn't going to look much better. Although I'd love to be proved wrong and be surprised the f**k out of. Everything regarding Sweet 7 has been nothing but a complete balls up. The Sugababes need to call it a day. It's not like the music we've heard from the album so far has been amazing. "About a girl" was hot, but I'm already sick of that song now, and Girls aloud could have sung it just as well.

Heidi and Amelle should also be ashamed that Jade has stepped in and is putting them to shame in the swagger stakes. She was workin' her shit out in "About a girl", and was catching my eye the most in this "Wear my kiss" preview.

If you 'babes fans are wondering what this song sounded like with Keisha on it. You can check it out here.

I was listening to "Round, round" at work today. I still love that song. I forgot how good the Sugababes used to be. It's rather sad.


  1. actually i really like the vid i think its quite simple which is cool.
    its true that jade stole the show with her bit (which was awsome) but i hope heidi gets more lines in the future because shes my favourite and has the most distinctive voice :)
    i hope this single does well for them, i cant wait for the new album :D


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