For the iPods: Alicia Keys' single art for "Put it in a love song"

Alicia Keys' official single cover for 'Put it in a love song'
What happened to the days when effort and artistry went into single covers? Nope. I don't know either.

This is such a nasty looking cover. And would it have hurt to have had Beyonce feature on the front too? Seeing as she takes up as much air time on the song as Alicia does, and that the whole thing sounds like a cut on B'Day anyway! Even Lady Gaga had Beyoncé feature on her equally horrendous single cover for "Telephone".

I'm looking forward to seeing the music video for the song when it drops in a couple of weeks time. Alicia has some tasty thighs and a rather big booty. I hope she takes her own advice and gets ta ♪ Wurrk it babay, wurrrk it out!

For those who like your iPods with official artworks - sling this shit into iTunes.


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