Music video: Rihanna - Rude boy

It's good to know The Forehead hasn't forgotten she's an island girl, and that she's still got the whinin' skills down. She can't really do much in the way of choreographed steps, but she can whine, and that's something. I'm all about when she takes it to the floor at the 2:08 mark.

The Forehead has really been coming into her own with Rated R. I don't think the album is all that great. And she's released all of the most single worthy songs off of it already. But her presence and persona has really come through. And "Rude boy" is a great showcase of how far she's come. You watch this video, and she looks like a star. There's no awkwardness there.

The video wasn't original. Melina had used a similar special effect style for Solange's "I decided", M.I.A has done this style before and Neneh Cherry pioneered the shit back in the 80's with the awesome "Buffalo stance". But it was a really cool video. The Forehead had me with all the whining.

How wierd does The Forehead look with long hair now!? I almost forget she had it long when she started out. Short hair definitely suits her better.


  1. everybody loves this song lol! im on it when im gettin ready to go out and when i am out pmsl!
    i am gonna get rated R i think... ^_^
    p.s you should post her interview on Alan Carr chatty man that was so funny!

  2. "Rude boy" is clearly the best song on the album, because it's Rihanna doing was she does best. I like some of the songs on 'Rated R'. But "Rude boy" was the song that had me fall in love from the word go. Everything else had to take it's time to grow on me.

    And dear God, c'mon: share. What are you like when you're out and this song comes on? You're one of those ones who drunkenly gets low in the middle of the floor aren't you? *lol*

  3. haha pmsl! im one of those ones who is totally trashed by then anyway so i dont know what im like pmsl! im a real lightweight :P
    p.s get back on twitter!!!!


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