Music video: Shakira - Gypsy

We didn't get the 'Oh my God!' factor we got with how Shakira put it down in "She wolf". Or the 'That shit looks cool' factor with the choreography in "Did it again". But what we did get was a really nice under stated, sensual video which captured the song nicely. Plus there's enough eye candy for the fellas and the ladies (regardless of what your preference is).

She Wolf should have done better than it has. "She Wolf" had the potential to be a mammoth hit for Shakira. And "Did it again" was wasted. I f**king love that song, and it just released on the down low and then faded without a trace. A real shame, because the beat goes hard and I was hoping it'd get enough exposure and cross over appeal so that I could hear it with regularity in clubs. But nope!


  1. damn, that woman sure knows how to make a sexy video and she's got a good eye picking rafael nadal too! i've loved gypsy since the first play on my cd, i was sooo happy she released it. the harmonica was a lovely surprise, given that it's not in the original song. now if she could only release these singles at the right time to make a blip on the charts...


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