The 4.0's perform "Wear my kiss" live on Eurovision: Your country needs you

Sugababes gave a performance on a Eurovision show. What a turn of events, eh! Jade was once a struggling solo act singing for Eurovision, now she returns in a struggling group performing as a guest on Eurovision. Amelle and Heidi may as well had not been there. The crowd were just wanting Jade, Jade and mo' Jade. And even though she's the new girl, she was the one on that stage catching my eye.

I don't now what it is about the Sweet 7 material, but it sounds so much better live. "Get sexy", "About a girl", "Thank you for the heartbreak", "No more you" and "Wear your kiss" all sound 10 times better live than on the CD. Not just the girls' vocals, but the musical arrangements too. The album still sucks though. Like really bad.

Give it a read: Sweet 7 album review


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