Ayumi Hamasaki's Rock 'n roll circus album info

Ayumi Hamasaki - Rock 'n roll circus [CD + DVD] Ayumi Hamasaki - Rock 'n roll circus [CD]
Somebody could have told me that these album covers were a photographed sex doll propped up against an old London telephone box, and I would have believed it. She looks so damn lifeless and vapid. I don't call Ayumi Robot face for nuthin'.

I'm surprised that with this London punk themed album cover there's no tie-in with Rimmel. We know how Ayumi is the product tie-in Queen in Japan (scratch that...) the whole entire world! From Resident evil to Honda cars - this chick endorses it, puts out a sing to tie-in with it, and gets PAID!

Full track listing for Robot face's new album is after the jump.

01. The introduction
02. Microphone
03. Count down
04. Sunset ~Love is all~
05. Ballad
06. Last links
07. Montage
08. Don't look back
09. Jump!
10. Lady dynamite
11. Sexy little things
12. Sunrise ~Love is all~
13. Meaning of Love
14. You were...
15. Red like ~for TA~ (Album version)

- Full music videos and 'the making of' to the following -
Sunrise ~Love is all~
Sunset ~Love is all~
You were...
Sexy little things
Don't look back
Lady dynamite

Don't nobody quite drop music videos the way ol' Robot face does. She might as well have done a music video for every song on the album! Ayumi always packs out her DVD's with music videos, which is nice - as it makes the CD + DVD version more deseriable and worth buying. Unless of course you already have her shit favourited on YouTube. In which case, you can save your money. You'd be better off. Chances are in 2 months Ayumi will drop another single which didn't feature on this album.

I've liked more of the singles from this album, than any other album that Ayumi Hamasaki has released. So I'll be checking this out for sure.


  1. Her lips have changed again u_u

  2. She looks like a porcelain doll!
    I have to say that none of the singles she's released for this album seem to fit the title at all. But I don't follow her so maybe that's what she does; releases pop songs then announced that her next album is jazz or somthing!

  3. "None of the singles she's released for this album seem to fit the title at all"

    I thought the EXACT same thing.

  4. not gonna lie she does look like a robot but thats because she is one! lol
    she looks cool though and im wondering if she actually cut her hair off or is it a wig?
    I saw a vid of her in london and it was that short....

  5. Good God, Ol' Robot Face sure did herself in for this one.

    I don't see how Sunset/rise + BALLAD + You were... = Rock 'n' Roll Circus, Ayu. I don't. :/


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