Crystal Kay's "Flash" in a 30 second Canon commercial

This is super old. But everytime I tried to check out the commercial at the official website, the video would play super choppy - and this was the case across several computers I tried accessing it from. I finally came across a YouTube vid of the extended commercial, and it's chop free!! So here you go Kuri fans, and I apologize for the lateness on this one.

I'm not 100% sold on the song. But then again, it is only 30 seconds of it. Crystal does sound really sexy and grown though, especially when she drops the English. That ♪ Baby if you win ♪ and ♪ Show me how you do it boy ♪ had the rawest thoughts creep into my head.

The thing with songs like these, is that an artist needs to have swagger in spades. And as much as I love Crystal Kay, I couldn't see her working it out to this shit live to really sell it. I'm talking slow grinds, taking it down to the floor, splits, weave thrashing and of course (the one thing J always approves of) some p***y poppin'.

I'm starting to get excited about the prospect of a new Crystal Kay album, because it's sounding like we'll be getting a new sound her. I just hope "After love -First boyfriend-" and "Deaeta kiseki" don't end up on this next album, although they probably will. I like the songs, but would prefer 2 new ones if given the choice.


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