Girls' generation go black on Inkigayo

The SNSD-bot's work the black soshi on Inkigayo
The SNSD-bots donned their skin tight black leggings, sequinned skirts and scowls to perform "Run Devil run" on Inkigayo. I can't stress how SM entertainment need to be keeping this look for the girls', because they have not looked this hot in EVER! It helps they've got a hot song to go along with the look too.

Somebody in the sound department only has ears for Jessica, Tiffany and Taeyeon, because I could not hear shit from the other girls. Kinda fitting really. The girls we could hear are the only ones in the group with decent voices.

The girls stay looking sexy in their black soshi attire. Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny and Yoona still be killing the other girls though. Especially Jessica. She be making half the girls look redundant. The way they work the sexy swag is just all kinds of correct. Just watch how Jessica and fellow sex pot Tiffany be pumpin' the titties at 1:11 and be looking right into your eyes. Their lips ain't moving, but they be saying "Put it on me" right there. I'd put extra highlights up in Jessica's hair for free. And Tiffany's shit is looking a bit too dark for me, so I can book her in for some highlights if she wants them too.

I say Girls' generation go black and never go back. Never!


  1. But it would look so weird if they performed a song like genie in all black


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