Jamie Cullum ruins Rihanna

Jamie Cullum's performance of The Forehead's 'Don't stop the music'
Jamie Cullum (damn, he's still around!?) appeared on Ellen, to perform a unique rendition of The Forehead's 'shouldabeenbiggerandhadabettervideo' hit song "Don't stop the music". I'll tell you now, he ruined the damn thing. I love "Don't stop the music", and this guy just curb stomped the song live on national television.

Don't stop the music!? Hell no! Lift the needle and stop it NOW! He ruined a classic pop record. Like, killed this shit dead. He beat the song like Chris beat Rihanna.

I'm not a huge fan of Jamie Cullum. His voice and the way he performs songs just makes me irk and wince like somebody is pinching me with the hand speed of E. Honda.

Dude has talent. I have respect (and slight envy) for anybody who can play the piano. But I just don't like his music and his on-stage mannerisisms.


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