K-celebs show love in Haiti

K-celebs show love in Haiti
For a special show of MBC’s Sunday Sunday night, a bunch of K-celebrities flew over to Haiti. Among those were Shin Hyun Joon, Kim Ji Soo, Kim Hyun Chul and Super Junior’s Donghae.

The Haiti situation has waned in terms of coverage within the public media. But it's great to see that there is still awareness of the incident, and that people are taking the time to do what they can to help the country. For popular figures in the Korean media to fly right to the other side of the world and spread some love and hope is only a good thing. Good on ya Donghae! I still think you and your boys when to work on that music, but you've got mad respect from me for this stint.

Super Junior's Donghae spread love in Haiti @ AllKpop


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