Ke$ha turns on the sexy for Maxim magazine...

Ke$ha turns on the sexy (or tries to) for Maxim magazine
Ke$ha looks like a dude in this picture. And the shot looks like it's missing some high charge number and "Call for some dirty text" running through the middle of it, because that's the vibe I'm getting. Ya know, aside from the man face.

Ke$ha is pretty lady. I thought she looked really nice (occasionally) in the "Blah, blah, blah" video. But when she actually tries to look hot like this *points to the man face*, it just doesn't work. I'm sure she'll get the hang of how to pose and look sexy on cue in good time though.

Until then, she needs to just smear vomit in her hair, wear a men's plaid shirt and some denim cut off's and just pose with her tongue out and a middle finger, because she works the dirty drunk party girl image so much more convincingly.


  1. mmmm...i've been done with kesha since she decided to wrap her lips around talking ish about britney. that album left my playlist quick! the only joint i'll still bump is that cover of "slow motion" she did - and that's only on a good day.

  2. Even people who aren't fans of Britney weren't feelin' Ke$ha for what she said - because she really is in no position to be dissing anybody in the music game, let alone Britney. Britney was writing her a cheque when she did back-up on "Lace & leather", so Ke$ha needs to sit down for a minute.


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