Kumi dances with bottles (again...)

Namie's doing her thing with Coca Cola, and fellow Avex artist Kumi is doing it with Pepsi! Let the battle commence!! Either way, both ladies are earning sacks of Yen to just dance around for 20 seconds and drink a bottle of brown fizzy water with a teabag of caffeine in it.

Kumi currently seems to have a bit of a thing for the Eigo songs doesn't she? Her cover of Cheryl Lynn's "Got to be real" wasn't all that great sounding. Her vocals on the song were a bit too much, to the point I actually winced. And her singing was Engrish from the window to the wall. But the beat was cool though. It was pretty hot! I wouldn't mind hearing Kumi's cover of the song if she were to hit a studio and work on the vocals. She has the sass, range and vocal huskiness to give a nice version of it.

Kumi's song was a little hit and miss, but her look blew the target to smithereens. She looked hot as hell. Super sexy, super kawaii. And we know how Kumi does with bottles. You all saw the "Juicy" video, right?


  1. oh man she's too funny! even though i prefer kumi i think namie's ad wins just because it obviously cost more and was really cool... wish kumi would ditch the pink rinse though :P


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