Music video: Girls' generation - Run devil run

The ending to the "Oh!" music video was it's saving grace. And now we get 3 and half minute full of it!

The SNSD-bots look amazing. Especially Taeyeon, Yoona, Jessica and Sunny - who were giving some good face. So good in fact that I'd slap my-okay I'm gonna just stop there. I'll leave it at them girls looking amazing.

I think this whole dark concept could have been revealed differently though. To debut it so soon after their Oh! album and with a new song which doesn't feature on it is a bit skank on fans who bought the album only 2 months ago. But Korea are always quick with repackaged albums, and releasing new non-album tracks not even a month after an album releases, so I guess fans are used to it.

Time will tell if this image will stick, or if SM will starkly divide the girls' images between cute and dark, and brand them both 'concepts' to use as they see fit.


  1. I've listened to this song 5 times already, so obviously I like it! The video didn't do much for me but I do like that I could tell the girls apart in both the vocals and looks, not to sound mean or anything but they all sounded pretty much the same in previous songs - at least in Run Devil Run they all seem to have their own footing.

  2. "not to sound mean or anything but they all sounded pretty much the same in previous songs"

    You mean b***h! *lol* ;P

    It doesn't help that most of the Girls' have very indistinct voices, and that they jump between members so often; mid-line and mid-verse.

    D'ya know - I think it might be the style of song: the whole 'not so bubble gum' electro-pop sound. Because it was the same with "Chocolate love" for me. The girls' stood out individually in the music video and also on the song itself.


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