Music video: Iconiq featuring Atsushi (of EXILE) - I'm lovin' you

I'm liking this chick. Cool song. Cool image. And a cute video. I'm not a huge fan of EXILE. The only song I liked by them was "The next door -Indestructible" and that's only because of how awesome it sounded in Street Fighter IV. They are one of several groups in the J and K-Pop game who I feel has one too many redundant members who do nothing more than just stand there and look pretty. And some of the EXILE guys look so old, yet dress like they're still 20.

But EXILE's Atsushi did good here. He and Iconiq's voices sound nice together. And this collabo will help boost Iconiq's popularity.

Not heard of Iconiq? Expect a full formal introduction to this lady real soon.


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