Music video: Perfume - Natural ni koi shite

I just sat, smiled and laughed to myself as I watched this. Such a cute video. The dance steps weren't the flyest. I'm sure my Grandmother could drop flyer dance steps, and her booty is in a wheelchair. But this shit was super cute. "Natural ni koi shite" is a song for Natural beauty basic's new womenswear campaign (hence the shopping themed video).

Perfume's music always features the hottest production from the super fly Yasutaka Nakata, but can often lack personability. The girls always manage to show their fun personalities through their music videos though, which helps balance the songs out nicely. And "Natural ni koi shite" shows this to great effect.

The way Japan goes about singles and albums is hella different to the West. Single after single can be released over the best part of a year before an album comes into the picture. So to talk about a new Perfume long player now would be premature. But given the huge success of Game and a follow up is more than certain, right?

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  1. The format is usually like, release 4 or so singles then release an album with the 4 singles (and some of the b-sides) on it with a few new album tracks, so don't be expecting a new Perfume album 'til sometime late next year at the earliest...


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