Re-tweaked Sweet 7 TV commercial

This is the worst Sugababes album in the discography, yet the most promoted on television. I don't remember any of the Sugababes previous albums getting as much air-time on TV as Sweet 7 is. Speaks volumes really.

Sweet 7 is absolute garbage. It's worse than I thought it was going to be. Barely a hint of that classic Sugababes' sound that I remember. That right there is my review of the album in itself. But if you want to know exactly what I think makes Sweet 7 so sucky and sour, then you can read my full review of the album here. Keisha could not have got booted out at a better time.


  1. tbh i dont think its a bad albuim i think it's quite good but it's not "the sugababes style" for the most part which is why people think it's crap.
    I like a ton of songs on there and cant stop playing them :P
    Also it annoys me that some people are saying it's crap because Keisha is gone, Keisha was the one who masterminded it like she did with change and catfights so basically she masterminded the downward slope.... I hope the album does well commercially so that the babes can put annother album out and we can get a feel for what the current line-up are like musically because the majority of the live stuff theyve done together has been amazing.

  2. Well, my review pretty much sums up how I feel. I think Sweet 7 is absolute garbage. This is the kind of album you'd expect from any random girl group, not the Sugababes. They don't come through on the songs and own them like they used to. Give any song off of Sweet 7 to any random girl group and they'd sound no worse or no better.

    I don't think it's fair to blame Keisha's departure for the album being crap. Nor is it fair for you to blame Keisha for the 'babes downward slope. Whatever creative spark was there when it was Keisha, Mutya and Heidi (despite the drama) is gone now.

    Whoever is A&R'ing their albums has to shoulder some blame, because they're putting the Sugababes in the studio with the wrong team of writers and producers - and then shortlisting the worst songs for the albums.

    The Sugababes need to be back in the studio with Cameron McVey, Jony Rockstar, Xenomania and Dr. Luke (who I think did great job on Change). Not on songs with Sean Kingston and club dribble with auto tune.

    Their sound was always difficult to pigeon hole before, but it was focused and undeniably 'a Sugababes sound' which set them apart. Now it's just a complete mess. This album is not indicative of what the Sugababes were once about, and is not the direction they should be taking for future releases.

    I'm pretty much done with the Sugababes until they come with some actual substance.

  3. I think this ad is going out regularly because the album charted at #14 on the charts - their lowest since their debut 'One Touch'. I don't think the negative reviews across the board have helped either.
    I have no interest in checking out the album, the last song of theirs I liked was About You Now, every song since then has been crap or just not my cup of tea.


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