Star studded Adidas originals TV shorts

Star studded Adidas originals campaign
Adidas have launched a huge campaign for their Originals range. And the adverts are star studded to say the least. From the popular, to the not so popular. From music stars to sports stars. And from American faces to Korean...

Who was the Korean? Lee Hyori! I've never really been a fan of her music, as I have her hotness. She was looking fly in both clips. She even put Ciara to shame in that shapeless Adidas top and them mis-matched heels. I think it was great for Adidas to include her in their campaign. To many in the west she'll just be another face. But her Korean fans no doubt will be rooting for her having landed this gig. It's a great look, and opens doors for clothing campaigns to do it more often. I would have loved to have seen Crystal Kay in an ad like this with her fine ass self.

That 3LW / Cheetah girls chick must have done suttin' to get a spot in this video. I can't imagine why else Adidas would have asked her. It's not like she's a big star. But she looked nice. Them thighs is thick, and I liked her kicks. I'm a sucker for a hi-top. Of course David Beckham made an appearance too; looking like Jesus in an Adidas T-shirt, along with Oasis and that fool from N-Dubz representing for the UK looking like tramps.

I can't say I'm keen on Adidas' clothes. Then again, I'm not really a fan f tracksuits and sportswear full stop. I love their Originals range of trainers though. I bought a pair of black and white Originals hi-tops a few months back, and barely wear them because I want them to last as long as possible. I even considered buying 2 pairs! Yes, I'm that sad, and have that much of a thing for trainers.

If I had to choose between Nikey and Adi - Adidas all the way.


  1. Hyori is sooooo damn fione!

  2. Tell me about it. I'd put it on her so special...


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