Tully's pimp Crystal Kay, Crystal Kay pimps "Victoria"

Crystal Kay takes it black... (by Random J ;P)
Seems as though Tully aren't done pimpin' Crystal Kay, as she stars in another commercial for their coffee and debuts another song! The song is titled "Victoria". And whilst I want to get excited about it; it's hard to when you don't hear much of the song, and what you do hear has a Japanese Barry White talking all over it. A big thank you to fellow Kuri fans Junior and Brandon for the heads up on this commercial.

Check it out: CK's Tully's coffee commercial (featuring her song "Victoria")

In further CK news, Crystal has been putting in time in the studio on and off for the past few months. So chances are we'll have more music from her this year. Artists in Japan who are popular on the product tie-in scene often have a couple of their songs debut in commercials months before an album. Hopefully it'll be the case with Crystal this year, with a possible new studio album touching down for 2010. Given the sounds she's been dabbling in since Color change!, how the album will sound is anybody's guess. But I'm liking the prospect of her trying something new. My irk with Color change! was that she didn't push the new sound enough. I could've done with more tracks like "It's a crime" and the crack that is "History", and some of you already know how I feel about "Over and over".


  1. Good thing I'm black, J.

    And, that Japanese Barry White cracked me up! I wish they didn't debut her songs in 15 second coffee ads, though. It just doesn't build buzz.

  2. "Good thing I'm black, J" ;P *LOL!*

    I know what you mean about the lack of buzz though. And what makes it worse, is that she doesn't even shoot a video for the songs to help generate some. I love Crystal, but her label and management never seem to promote her well enough, and she's super marketable. Epic / Sony music Japan could do with some people from Avex. They know how to pimp an artist and get them some sales and exposure.

  3. I'm still waiting for that American debut, so I can tell ni**as "that's my girl". I heard "Hold On" when I watched Dolan's Cadillac, but that movie never even surfaced here in the US like it was supposed to.

    If Kuri's just doing little coffee commercials and recording songs that aren't being planned for any album in particular, then she should be watching and waiting. Booking studio time with RedOne, Rich Harrison, Tim and Bob, Danja, and whoever else can make her a hit. Crystal's beats have been alright lately, but she needs some real urban talent to bring her new sound to fruition. I'm 99% sure that Danja's only working with J.Lo to practice for when he finally meets Crystal Kay.

    And, since music from Japan NEVER leaks, none of us would see that shit coming!

  4. If US producers knew more about Crystal Kay, they'd be lining up to work with her. Japan has some solid R&B / Urban producers though. Some of them dudes be putting US cats to shame! It's just Crystal's people seem to always lobby for that safe, typical Crystal sound - which was starting to get predictable, and is probably the reason her sound is beginning to change.

    It'll be interesting to see which producers she works with on her next album. As Color change! featured production from Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Bloodshy & Avant. So it seems Crystal wants to work with more Western producers. It all depends on her record label. It'd be AMAZING if she could got in with Danja - even if it was for a Japanese release. I shudder to think of the outcome. Crystal, dropping vocals in both English and Japanese on a Danja beat?! Hot damn.

    The problem is that I don't think Crystal's label would even entertain a Western release until she starts hitting #1 on the Oricon charts like it ain't a damn thing. You love Crystal, I love Crystal. But in Japan, she's not majorly huge.

  5. ...exactly :(

    Sony don't seem to be promoting Crystal now any differently or better than they have in the past.

  6. Ah, well. At least she's still in the game. If she was signed to an American label, goodness knows she would have been dropped a couple times. Gotta love the Japanese for their consistency.

    I need to see a Crystal Kay concert one day, and I'm guessing the only way I can do that is go to Japan.

  7. her song r so damn addictive ....wow
    from the 2 new song i heard this year "FLASH" for cannan camra and "VICTORIA" for tullys sounds like is ganna be a fast past album :)


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