The Wonder girls 3.0

The Wonder girls 3.0
Here is one of the first group shots of the new Wonder girls. The new girls looks like 'the new girl', and as though she doesn't really belong in the group. I think The Wonder girls could have gone on with 4 members just fine. But I guess JYPE couldn't be bothered to re-arrange "Nobody" and "Tell me" for a 4 member group, and that he didn't want all those 60's Dreamgirl inspired "Nobody" dresses to go to waste.

I've never been a big Wonder girls fan. I liked "Nobody" (up until they began to run it into the ground like there was no tomorrow) and I have love for "Tell me" (the chorus is K-Pop crack!), but have never been that crazy about them. It was only around the time I started to take notice of 2PM that I began to check for the Wonder girls that bit more.

I don't think a line-up change will harm the girls' popularity...yet. All the group line-up change heat from the fans 'n stans is on 2PM right now, so the Wonder girls can have a chick leave and switch a new one on the down low. It's not like it's the first time it's happened. Plus, Sunmi wasn't a member who stood out a great deal any way. Things would be a damn sight different if Sunmi or Ye-eun left. I could go for some Sunmi. She's just so damn cute and is the kinda woman you would want to take home to meet the parents, and not worry because you know she's such a snag that your parents will like her and encourage you to put a ring on it.


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