Monica's "Here I am" single cover

Single cover: Monica - Here I am
This shit looks better than Monica's Still standing album cover! The hair is a mess. But Monica looks fly. I can understand why her people probably went with the light 'n sultry Still standing album cover though. It looks less threatening and is void of anything which could be deemed 'too hood', which will help it appeal to everyone. Where as this shit looks like it'll either aggressively sex you or beat you down if you go near it.

The single version of "Here I am" will surprisingly feature Jamie Foxx. When I first listened to "Here I am" I didn't think at any point that it needed a featuring artist. But upon hearing the news that the single version of the song will feature Jamie Foxx, it all of a sudden makes sense. The back and forthing between Monica and Jamie will add something cool to the song if it's produced and mixed properly.

"Here I am" is a hot song, but I didn't think it'd ever get released as a single. Then again; given Monica's current popularity and that pretty much every song off of Still standing could potentially be a hit single, I don't think Monica can really go wrong.


  1. "Here a I am" IS my favorite song of the album...

    with Jammie...I dont know man, im gonna have to wait and i see how it goes..but the song by itself is VERY VERY GOOD!!


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