Music video: Alexandra Burke featuring Pitbull - All night long

The song sounds like a Thomas Cook jingle. And the music video is like The Black eyed peas' "I gotta feeling" with less ass and titties and enough cellphones to make you wonder why Alexandra didn't cop a product placement deal with T-Mobile.

Alexandra has a good voice. But her debut album was track to track rubbish. The only consistent thing about it was how dry it was. This song will probably chart well though. It has that generic sound that the number 1 chart spot in the UK seems to love these days.

All of Alexandra Burke's videos have been pretty decent affairs. But her singles have been whack! Her A&R person needs to fix the f**k up for album number two.


  1. The song is ok, better than "broken heels" but the video is lame. It looks like a cheaper version of the poker face vid at times (and you know I wouldnt throw gaga comparisons round for nutn lol) and the make-up/stylists need to be fired!
    Alex looks like a drag queen and that black leotard thing just made her look really chunky...


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