Music video: Khia - Been a bad girl

This has to be the only music video Khia's done that looked like it cost more than 17 dollars and had at least 1 professional person involved in its production. It honestly wasn't bad. But I don't find Khia sexy at all. She could talk dirty to me and swing her poontang and titties all in my face and the only thing I'd manage to get up would be yesterdays' lunch. But this video was decent for Khia, and she looked a heck of a lot better than she did in "Snatch the cat back" where she could not have looked any more skank if she tried. If you think Khia looks bad in "Been a bad girl", go check "Snatch the cat back". She looked a droopy tittied ass mess! Trust me. "Been a bad girl" is an upgrade for Khia. A major one.

The song also isn't bad neither. She could actually have a hit with this shit! The hook is catchy and the song has radio appeal. Well, aside from the lyrics. But the lyrics to the song aren't really any worse than the likes of Lady Gaga's "LoveGame".


  1. wow - somebody taught her the benefits if a good bra! she looked loads betta from "snatch." i had fully forgot about that craziness - green screen mess and all! she still hood as all get out with those bottom teeth grilled out tho. btw, do you know who directed this? it looked a lil bit hype williams-y with the strobe flashes and vibrant colors.

  2. What!? The video is directed by Clifton Bell. Bitch ain't got no money for a Hype Williams video! *LOL* Although some of his recent efforts have been looking a little budget. I mean how much did Beyoncé's "Video phone" and Mariah's "I want to know what love is" cost... Really?

  3. my neck my back! >.< lol until recently i thought Khia was a group (those hot girls from the mnmb vid lol) but i did here this song a while ago and i really like it.
    yeah she looks like somebodys hood rat mother that would try it on with her sons friends but she does look better than in snatch the cat back (i watched that after you mentioned it and i was literally (ok not literally) pissing myself lmao
    I hope this does well for her, shes crazy and all but she got better lyrics than the shit that lil kim tribute act nicki minaj spits out of her plastic ass lol
    We need some real female rappers like lil kim, Eve etc to come back strong, Khia is good too :)

  4. Have you heard Khia's albums? I have. And she only raps about ONE thing: n***a's f**king her. Her lyrics are weak. I commend her on managing to stay putting out music, but seriously: she's in no position to be gunning for Nicki Minaj and calling a ho out for being fake, when she was looking straight hood rat Barbie in this video.

    If I had to choose between Khia and Nicki, Nicki would get my vote every time. Khia's too much of a joke.

    I like Nicki's odd ball lyrics, and when her flow is on point, it's on POINT! You need to go check that remix of Keri Hilson's "Get your money up". Nicki absolutely KILLS it with her verse.

    Nicki Minaj is a female rapper doing her thing. There's a clear market for her, and frankly no other female rapper is bringing anything to the table from under it.

  5. lol i havnt heard many of Khia's songs but i do like this more than massive attack and even though khia is a joke (part of why i like her) at least shes real.
    nicki is fake, yeah she has some good stuff but looking back her old stuff was better now its just like chatting shit.
    seriously this barbie shit is getting old now.

  6. I don't see how Khia rapping about getting f**ked in every song is any different to Nicki playin' the Barbie persona. They're both perpetuating an image.

    I'll wait for Nicki to drop her debut album (if it ever drops) before writing her off completely.


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