Music video: MiChi - All about the girls ~Iijyanka party people~

I'd been sitting on posting this for a while, because I was so unsure as to whether this was really the official music video for the song. Turns out it is. Somebody at Sony must hate MiChi. Because the budget they gave her for this music video didn't look like it was enough to buy a Twister at KFC.

I love this song like crazy. I think it's bloody awesome. But this video is a really bad joke. It's the kind of video an artist drops when they can't be bothered to feature in its shoot, they're touring and leave the video in the hands of crap amatuer video directors and producers. This was a mess. What was with the iffy 3D animation, nastye diting and clips of her old music videos!? Rubbish. MiChi is SO lucky the song is so damn good, she's so likeable and she at least looks nice in the video. Because this video chokes on fat one.


  1. Awwww The Video is just boring and not well done Booooooo to whoever made it But the song is awesome


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