Music video: MiChi - Together again

MiChi does not know how to put a foot wrong with the music. But she always be f**king up with the music videos. "Kiss kiss xxx" was the only song of hers that got a really cool music video. Everything has been some recesseion raped looking crap. "Together again"'s video wasn't bad though. It looks as though the song might serve as a theme to a movie starring Riko Narumi judging from the scenes of her in this video, although I'm unsure of which one.

MiChi'd music videos are terminal. But she always has it going on with the music and delivers something different from what others are doing. And "Together again" is real nice. The chorus caught me off guard like a push to the back of my head though. I was all caught up in the mid-tempo vibe (which reminded me of Alicia Keys' "Try sleeping with a broken heart") and then wa-POW!! The song goes all Drum 'n bass and Garage on my arse. The song doesn't have shit on "All about the girls ~Iijyanka party people~", but that's only because "All about the girls" is already my pop single of the f**king year.

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