Music video: KAT-TUN - Going!

I bet when auto-tune blew up Johnny Kitagawa was like "Yes!! Now I can process these boys voices and hide how much they can't sing a lick!" "Going!" isn't as bad as "The D-motion". That shit made Blackout sound like Britney was actually singing them songs and singing them live. But it's still auto-tuned to hell. KAT-TUN can't sing for shit, and I'm not trying to hear anybody tell me that they can. Jin Akanishi is the only member with vocal talent. The rest all open their mouths and just make noises.

It's a shame. Almost a travesty. Because I really like the beat on this song.

KAT-TUN fans will notice Jin was absent from this video. Well that's because he's making his way to Los Angeles to hold solo concerts. The timing could not have been worse, given that KAT-TUN are set to embark on a full blown tour of Asia - of which Jin will not be a part of. It's not a good look at all. Jin ducked out to America once before and was not featured on KAT-TUN's first album of original material as a result. Now he's absent from one of KAT-TUN's biggest tours.

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