Super Junior's Bonamana teaser

Super Junior will be making a comeback with their 4th studio album Bonamana. And as always, to precede the music video for the lead single and an onslaught of performances, comes the teaser. This isn't anything special. It looks like the "Sorry, sorry (Answer)" video with a green tint and some water.

Super Junior will make their comeback as a 10 member unit - minus Kang-in who has decided to enlist for military duty in the wake of the shame of his beatdown case, Han Geng who is taking Slave Master entertainment to court for an unfair contract, and Kibum who is focusing on his acting career.

I guess one of the benefits of a large group is that when there are a few members are out of action, there are still enough to pick up the slack. On the real: Kibum pretty much hasn't been a part of the group for the past 2 years anyway, and somebody will have to remind me what exactly Han Geng did in the group. Even as a part of Super Junior M he didn't do a damn thing. Kang-in was one of the more (few) manly members of the group, so it's a shame he's gone. But it's nothing more shots of Siwon and putting Shindong on a diet can't fix.


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