Crystal Kay's official CK10 live DVD cover

Crystal Kay's debut Live DVD cover
I like it. Crystal looks like she means business! Like she's about to go f**k up some bitches named Ayumi and Kumi, and snatch some wigs and some album sales. I have no idea why Crystal is suited up as cross between Michael Jackson during Thriller and Janet Jackson during Rhtyhm nation 1814. But then again, why does Lady Gaga walk around looking like a drunk peacock caught with its foot in a condom and Miss Marple's drapes on her head?


  1. J, I love this cover right here. Looks like she ready to dominate the J-Pop crowd again. I want to buy this DVD and the album right away.

  2. I like this cover a lot. I prefer this to some fluffy photoshoped mess. I can't wait to get this. Go CK, girl power yeah!

  3. I just love how she looks like she's ready to take over, even though she never will unless she becomes a hamster in a wheel at AvexTrax. (God bless her!)


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