Donghae wets himself

Members of Super Junior decided to play a prank on poor Donghae, who had fallen asleep on the bus. Super Junior members seem to be obsessed with Twitter and YouTube right now. So of course the prank got filmed, uploaded and Tweeted with the quickness.

They didn't just flick water in a dude's face. They emptied half a bottle: all over them Apple headphones and all over that iPod! I thought Donghae handled the whole thing like really well. Even though he was in on a pact that was made where-by anybody who fell asleep would get water poured all over them; I still think he took it like a good little ho. I would have put somebodies head through a window and cussed out somebodies mother if that were me. That momentary moment when somebody wakes you up with foolishness is when it's so easy to snap before you even catch a hold of what's going on.


  1. aww lmao! too funny though, especialy the extra splash in the face that was just... ROFL


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