Bonus material [Mash-up]: Brandy - Right here (Departed) (Banana Joe's Seasons riddim mash-up)

Brandy - Right here (Departed) (Banana Joe's Seasons riddim mash-up) | Mash-up

"Right here (Departed)" was dichotomous, which really didn't help its chances as a single, let alone a lead single. It had a serious beat on it which went hard. (Seriously. Play it up loud and listen to those drums knock!) But the tone of the song and the lyrical content had clubs and radio go Marvel vs. Capcom on it, and tag team kick that shit to the curb. This mash-up on the offer hand completely flips the tone of the song and gives it an island vibe which clubs and mainstream radio would be more susceptible to playing.

This mash-up of Brandy's flop single and the popular Season riddim will not be to everyone's taste. But Reggae, Bashment, Rub-a-dub lovers, and those who believe that Rihanna started this genre of music by herself may dig this.

Listen: Right here (Departed) (Banana Joe's mash-up)

© 2008 Epic records, Sony BMG music entertainment / Banana Joe

This has nothing on the original (which I still love), but it's a nice alternative take on an already great song which has the potential to reach out to audiences who either: haven't heard the original ,or weren't keen on it because of their inability to truly label it. Because let's be honest. "Right here (Departed)" wasn't R&B. It wasn't Pop. It had the tempo of a club record, but it kinda wasn't. It just was. And the popular soundscapes of today just doesn't accommodate these types of songs. Clubs and Radio need something they can pigeon hole somewhere, somehow.

And in case anybody plans to ask me: Yes, this shits all over "Man down". And Yes, Brandy's wig looks hot mess and should be made to burn in whatever fire is within the vicinity of her.

The dude that did this has his own myspace page where he has some other cool reggae remixes. You can check him out over at his myspace page.

Album review: Brandy's gets real and introspective with Human


  1. I still get mad at the way 'Human' was handled by Epic. It was a very solid album and for sure one of the best R&B releases that year. I stay bumping that whole record still.

    I'd love Brandy to have a career resurgence ala Monica but for some reason no matter how much she keeps her face out there, I can't see it happening.

    The show she does with Ray J is too focused on her as a 'celebrity' whereas Monica's show was purely about the production and creation of her 'Still Standing' record. Brandy's show hampers her reputation as a professional recording artist whereas Monica made sure to keep that aspect intact.

    Damn I miss the 90's when these chicks were the hottest!

  2. I share your sentiments. As a Brandy fan, I'd love for her to release an album and have it be a success, but I just can't see it happening *sigh*

    "Human" was a decent album, but it had very few potential singles on it. "Long distance" (that did REAL well), "Piano man" and "Torn down" were the only ones really...

    As an album to reintroduce Brandy into the music game, "Human" just wasn't the right sound. I commend her for the integrity of that album and keeping it real. But that is not the type of album you drop when you've been out of the game for 5 years and you need a hit. That's the type of album you drop when you have an established fan base who roll DEEP and will put your album at number 1 on the charts no matter how bad or commercially 'different' the album is as a whole. In that regard, "Human" was WAY too much of a risk. And matters weren't helped when Brandy turned around and dissed Rodney Jerkins for that whole album. It made her look bad. I mean c'mon. Bitch, why go and record a whole album with a dude knowing he's not giving you the A-game and you stay not truly liking the songs!? She did her self no favours by shifting blame and acting bitter. She executive produced that album WITH Rodney Jerkins. She should have sat down with that mess.

    If Brandy wants to really re-establish herself and cut across with a sound with worldwide appeal - she needs to do something more along the lines of "Afrodisiac". Because that album was straight top 10 hit potential singles from track 1 to 15.


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