Kelis' Flesh tone flops

Kelis' before / after the news | 'shopped by J ;P
Kelis was hoping for a fresh start with her new album Flesh tone. But with her US first week figures, she might soon be looking for another record label.

Flesh tone has sold under 10,000 copies and her album has failed to crack the top 10 on the Billboard chart. In fact, it failed to crack the top 40. Her album is sitting pretty (or rather, sitting ugly) at 46. And in terms of where this aligns with Christina Aguilera's Bionic (the album by which I gauge all other album sales by) she sold a tenth of what Christina sold in her first week. Christina should send Kelis a card. She just made Bionic look like a form of commercial success.

I can't say I'm surprised. Them album charts don't like Kelis. They never have. And Flesh tone was never going to be a hit in the US anyway. It's too Euro-dance orientated. I hope somebody e-mailed news of Kelis' album sales to Kelly Rowland, so she knows what she's in for. Granted, her album won't be as Euro-danced out as Kelis' set - but she still needs to know. Although Kelly don't need to go Euro-dance with an album for it to flop. Her shit just does.

At least Kelis has still got them child support cheques when the music ish all falls down...again.