Britney goes manga inspired for POP magazine

Britney covers POP magazine | Magazine cover Britney covers POP magazine | Magazine cover

What is this shit!? It's terrible! The basis behind this shoot was females in manga. And whilst I can see the influence, I still think this shit is terrible. Both covers look like out-takes from her Circus album photoshoot (which was equally horrid). If you're going to go manga inspired, go ALL the f**king way. Put a ho in a school girl sailor outfit and Chuck Taylors, give her a sword and a long green weave, have her sat knock kneed on a bed in a vest and underpants clutching a teddy bear. To hell with this veil shit.

Britney was styled by famed Japanese artist Takashi Murakami (the man responsible for creating Kanye's Graduation album cover) in this pictures. But any random Otaku dragged from a line at an anime expo could have done a better job.

I've seen enough souless Britney. I want that bitch from the early 2000's back. Although I know it's a lot to ask, as is asking for Britney to sing live.


  1. ya...i concur. it really didn't sit well with me either. i have no idea why brit looks so bright and so evil. it's good to see her back on some covers, but i agree that they should've gone wayyy far out with it. i'm thinking like lady gaga's hello kitty anniversary shoot. brit could've rocked that concept mad hard.

  2. she look like a 17 year old britney, definitely photoshopped to death. the photoshoot was inspired by the child hentai manga “My Wife Is A Grade Schooler” with the swimsuit, school bag, and the wedding dress.


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