Music video: Narsha featuring Sunny hill - Mamma mia

Ga-In is going to have to step her game for her solo music video, because Narsha is throwing down gauntlets like pennies at tramps on the street.

First she kicked that ass with the wig and make-up game in "BBI-RI-BOP-A". And now she takes that name by kissing up on some white guy (tongues and errthang!) in a car with some big ass wig and eye make up that makes BoA's Hurricane Venus album cover look like some regular shit women wear to work for their 9 to 5.

Ga-in's going to have to have a director film her vagina in close-up p***y popping to the beat of her song in 3D to even dent Narsha's shit. And speaking of BoA, I damn near forgot about that ho.


  1. Damn, she's a diva haha she was workin it lol
    That song is hot i'm gonna be playing it a lot.

    P.S yeah proph wheres the review of BoA's "Hirricane Venus" video?! O_O

  2. Narsha is a mother fucking HBIC. It's ridiculous how she's showed up a lot of other girls from the East with what is basically a side project.


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