Album art: Rihanna - Loud

I hated this at first, but it's grown on me the more I've sat and stared at it. I'm torn between whether the shot of The Forehead is actually all that flatterring, but then I think "But it still looks hot!"

What I like about this cover is that it is very 80's vinyl sleeve. And the red lipstick and hair give it that striking factor to help it pop and stand out. You could imagine that this would look great if it were to be blown up and put in the front window of a HMV...or a McDonalds. Probably her best album cover to date, which isn't saying much really.

Hopefully the music will match the hotness of the album art. "Only Klingon (in the world)" is trash. But "Who's that chick" is some crack. The Forehead sent a tweet explaining the song had no association with Loud, but you know that shit will end up tagged onto the album as a bonus track. It's a banger, and it's produced by David Guetta. Which person at Def Jam is going to be dumb enough to let Loud get mastered without that song on the disc as a bonus track!? L.A Reid might be who...


  1. Well, it's a good think L.A. Reid got fired, huh?

    I agree, Who's That Chick needs to be included somehow, someway! A B-Side to a single or something.

  2. Hot cover album!!

    And 'who's that chick' NEEDS to be on the album!

    Hey, J, what do you think about RICO LOVE's demo for Rhirhi? (its called "Extra hard") Its bascally the same song (who's that chick), but sing in a different mélody...

    LEt me know if u have it or not


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