Music video: Faith Evans - Gone already

With lines like ♪ It was over before we started ♪ and ♪ Gone already ♪ , Faith could well be singing about her career.

I've never been a huge Faith Evans fan. I love some of her songs ("Best man", "You gets no love", "Burning up" and "Catching feelings") and I like her voice. But I've never been big on her. She'll always be that ginger haired chick who f**ked B.I.G and Tupac and got signed by OPuff Daddy.

I do like "Gone already" though - it's a nice song. And the video was fitting. Even though I think an old school big dramatic Hype video in the vein of Ashanti's "Rain on me" could have done it wonders. But that dude doesn't have it in him to do half decent videos any more. His career's gone already.


  1. LOL yesterday i was playing some Faith (Twista & faith "hope" & Diddy & Faith "i'll be missing you") i love her voice too but never been much into her music except "Again" which i still love to this day.

    You're right the video was nothing new and could have been done better, hope her album does well though.

    p.s nice to see Michelle Williams has found some form of employment as a mime artist.


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